YES' Street Outreach Program is designed to meet youth in crisis where they are. We strive to meet the basic needs homeless and at-risk youth have for food, shelter and clothing before moving on to the next steps.

Our Street Outreach Program serves youth in many different walks of life for many different reasons. We believe by giving youth in crisis what they need to survive, we can begin to build a trusting relationship and help them turn their lives around.

Our Street Outreach Program strives to ensure that 100 percent of youth in the program...

  • ...will receive basic need items which increase their ability to survive
  • ...will gain knowledge of services offered by YES and by other community organizations.
  • ...will complete a needs assessment
  • ...will be empowered to set personal goals and receive assistance from YES staff in achieving those goals.

In the News

  • For years, you have been providing the support needed to keep the Youth Emergency Services’ shelter open as a safe place for homeless and at-risk youth. Today, the security homeless youth feel while staying at the shelter is in jeopardy without your help. With no other options, last year 75 youth sought alternative, unsafe housing […]

  • Anger flows thru my blood Depression lives in my thoughts Pain resigns in my heart Covered in scars from head to toe Vision blurred by trauma Hesitation and second guessing Trust has been broken The feeling of abandoned and used has become normal Have made footprints in the sand but have also been forgotten Made […]

  • What is Safe Place? Safe Place is a national youth outreach and prevention program for young people in need of immediate help and safety. As a community-based program, Safe Place designates businesses and organizations as Safe Place locations, making help readily available to youth in communities across the country. Locations include: libraries, YMCA’s fire stations, […]

  • The nights I spent homeless left me feeling helpless and alone. I never imagined my life would be where it is now. Because of you, I have the security of knowing those dark days are behind me. Unfortunately, there are still hundreds of youth in our community facing homelessness every day. Youth Emergency Services never […]