YES' Street Outreach Program is designed to meet youth in crisis where they are. We strive to meet the basic needs homeless and at-risk youth have for food, shelter and clothing before moving on to the next steps.

Our Street Outreach Program serves youth in many different walks of life for many different reasons. We believe by giving youth in crisis what they need to survive, we can begin to build a trusting relationship and help them turn their lives around.

Our Street Outreach Program strives to ensure that 100 percent of youth in the program...

  • ...will receive basic need items which increase their ability to survive
  • ...will gain knowledge of services offered by YES and by other community organizations.
  • ...will complete a needs assessment
  • ...will be empowered to set personal goals and receive assistance from YES staff in achieving those goals.

In the News


    The holidays are a time of giving. Many people give the gift of time, money, and food. Fortunately for the youth YES serves at the Street Outreach Center, local businesses and companies have been going the extra mile to make sure they have a warm meal this month. It began with a challenge by locally owned […]


    Art provides an outlet for many of the emotions youth in our program are facing. Below are two pieces by Caeli, a youth in YES’ programs.


    November is National Homeless Youth Awareness month. To spread the word about Youth Emergency Services and the work YES is doing to end youth homelessness in Omaha, we are asking all of our followers, supporters, and donors to sign up for Thunderclap. What is Thunderclap? Thunderclap is the first crowd-speaking platform that helps people be heard […]


    Hi! My name is Felicia, and I am going to explain how dedication and hard work helped me buy my first car.   Two years ago, I joined a program called Opportunity Passport. This program is for anyone who has been a former ward of the state. Opportunity Passport helps former wards by matching any money saved to help those […]