How to Access Services

YES' Transitional Living Program is an independent living program designed to assist young people in moving toward self-sufficiency. This program provides services to homeless youth for a period of up to 18 months.

Admission Criteria:

Participants must be 16 to 21 years of age. If younger than 18, participant must either be legally emancipated or have parental/guardian consent.

Participants must be homeless. This means living on the streets, in a shelter, in a transitional housing program, couch surfing or being kicked out/evicted from current living situation.

Participants must be committed to active participation in the program, including case management and support services.

Participants must be willing to work or attend school and participate in community service each month.

If you meet the above criteria, apply online today.

Program Fees:

Participants pay monthly rental fees. The first two months are free. Rent is increased each month until the participant is able to pay the full rental amount for three consecutive months, at which time they are eligible for graduation from the program. When the participant leaves the program, 80 percent of all rents paid (less any charges for damages) will be returned to the participant.

Admission Process:

  • Program staff will contact you within one week for phone interview
  • If you are a minor, permission to participate or proof of emancipation must be submitted
  • If you are eligible, program staff will notify you if there is an opening or you will be put on a waiting list
  • If there is a vacancy, program staff will contact you and set up an interview to discuss goals and go over program guidelines
  • If you do not meet admission criteria, your application will be held for three months
  • If we are not able to contact you after three attempts, your application will be held for three months
  • For more information, call 402.345.5187

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