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Maternity Group Home Application

***Before applying to the YES Maternity Group Home, please review the application guidelines.***

Personal Information:

Must be age 16- 21 to apply
Most recent living situation

Emergency Contact Information:



Are you currently employed?
Current sources of income


Do you have a high school diploma or GED?

Legal Status:

Legal Status
Have ever been in CPS (Child Protective Services) custody?
If you are a minor (18 years old or younger), who is your current guardian?

Legal History:

Have you ever been charged with a crime(s)?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime(s)?
Are you currently on probation or parole?
Do you have any outstanding warrants?
Do you have any court dates pending?
Have you ever applied for a protection order?

Medical History:

Have you ever been hospitalized?
Do you have any current physical health problems?
Are you currently taking any medications for a physical condition?
Do you have any allergies?
Do you have any special needs we should be aware of?
Are you currently pregnant?

Child Care:

Do you have full custody of your children?


Current means of transportation

Referral Source:



I certify that the information included in this application is true to the best of my knowledge.