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Frequently Asked Questions



Can I schedule a time to tour your facilities?

No, tours are not permitted due to client confidentiality.

Can I schedule a time to interview a staff member?

Please review the information below and on other areas of our website. If you have additional questions, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. A staff member will answer your questions via the email address you provide.

Can I volunteer as a requirement for service learning or other student projects?

We ask that service learning be completed off-site to respect client confidentiality. Students often organize a drive or fundraiser at their school, sponsor a meal, or find a creative way to promote the work YES does.

Can I interview a program participant as part of my project?

No, interviews with youth are not permitted.

Can I intern with YES?

If we currently have any internship opportunities available, they will be listed on Indeed as an open position.

What is your mission?

Youth Emergency Services assists youth experiencing homelessness and near homelessness by providing critically-needed resources which support them in their desire to be self-sufficient.

What is your vision?

We envision a community which understands and embraces its youth, creating an environment where youth homelessness no longer exists.



What is your leadership structure?

Led by Executive Director, with Director of Program Services, Director of Development, and Director of Finance. We have a Board of Directors and a Board of Trustees.

Do all programs have supervisors or coordinators?

Yes. We have a Housing Supervisor that oversees all housing staff, including the Emergency Shelter Coordinator and Maternity Group Home Coordinator. We have an Outreach Supervisor, Job Readiness Coordinator, and Mentor & Volunteer Coordinator. We also have a Community Initiatives Manager that oversees the Making a Connection program. In addition to program staff, we also have a development team that works on fundraising, marketing, donor relations and more.

What level of education do applicants need?

This varies by position. If we currently have any open positions, they will be listed on Indeed. Each position will list necessary education or experience.

What is your starting salary?

This varies by position. If we currently have any open positions, the salary range will be listed for that specific position on Indeed.

How many staff members do you have?

About 40.



How are you funded?

Roughly half of our budget is funded through foundation grants and roughly one-fourth is funded through government grants. The remaining funding is raised through special events, and individual, business, and community donations.

What is your budget?

Our budget for 2021 is $2,983,310. Specific budget and funding breakdowns for 2020 can be found in our impact report here.



What are your programs?

Street Outreach Center, Transitional Living Program, Maternity Group Home, Emergency Shelter, Job Readiness, Making a Connection, mentoring, various rental assistance programs, and other supportive or prevention programs.

How many facilities do you have?

Seven. Administrative office, Street Outreach Center, Emergency Shelter, Maternity Group Home, and three houses.

How many youth can your housing programs serve?

In total at any given time, the Emergency Shelter can serve four youth; Transitional Living Program can serve fourteen youth; Maternity Group Home can serve 10 total individuals (including children). The rental assistance programs vary.

How many youth do you serve?

We served over 1,000 youth in 2020. Specific program information can be found in our annual report.

How do youth apply for your programs?

Our website has specific information for each program under the “What We Do” tab.

Why are youth homeless?

This is a very broad question. Some youth become homeless due to their entire family being homeless. They might age out of the foster care system or have to move out of their home when they become a legal adult. Some youth are fleeing violence or aren’t accepted in their homes due to a variety of reasons.


If you have additional questions that were not covered on this page or on other areas of our website, please FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW. Please only submit questions that pertain to the agency or programs. Please do not submit questions about staffing or positions.

A staff member will respond via the email address you provide. Please be sure to check junk folders for our response.

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