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Meals FAQ

Thank you for your support in helping to feed the homeless or near homeless youth in our community! YES’ Street Outreach Center provides a warm meal to up to 70 youth per day, and we rely on the generosity of members in our community to help prepare these meals. Because this may be the only food our youth receive a day, meal times to our youth are offered as follows: Mondays and Fridays at 1 PM, and Tuesday through Thursday at 3 PM.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Where do I deliver the food?
YES Street Outreach Center is located at 2602 Harney Street. It’s a white building, on the corner of 26th and Harney. Parking is available on site.

Q. Can I (or my group) stay to serve the meal to the youth?
Volunteers are welcome to visit the facility prior to normal operating hours. Please note that meals are set up buffet style, and youth eat at scattered times. Our youth may be in crisis, trying to navigate through the situations they are in, and may not be open to communicate. Some are intimidated by larger groups, and especially peers, coming into the facility during open hours. We appreciate your understanding of this vulnerable population that we are serving!

Q. Can you give me meal option ideas?
Nothing beats a warm, home cooked meal! This could include anything from homemade casserole dishes, pasta, enchiladas, meatloaf, to a taco or nacho bar. Feel free to keep it simple. A call in order of pizza/salad is okay too- they are teenagers!

Q. Do I need to bring beverages or provide utensils, paper products, and cups?
Yes, please, if you are able to do so! The youth enjoy PowerAde, Gatorade, and juice boxes, bottled water, and milk!

Q. What if I want to help, but I can’t be there at the allotted times to bring a meal?
We are happy to work around your schedule. Bring a few slow cookers in the morning or transfer food into ours and let the food cook all day. Freezer meals are welcome and we can heat up when needed!

Q. How do I sign up?
Sign up here! Be sure to put your information in the comments section regarding the type of meal you are providing. Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you upon sign up to answer any questions and work out any additional details. If you have additional questions, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Maren Larsen.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of homeless youth!